1936 Mercedes 500K custom "Marlene" replica. 1936 Merz title, new custom paint job,new leather interior, custom wood dash with new gauges, engine changed in 2019. 2001 GMC 4.3 liter fuel injected V6, automatic, custom air conditioning. new top, wide white tires, custom wood steering wheel etc etc. awesome car !!

1936 Mercedes 500K custom "Marlene" roadster replica, named after Marlene Dietrich who special ordered a smaller 500K model, because she was so small. This one is titled in Florida as a 1936 MERZ & lower down it says Replica. it is 1670 pounds & 15 feet long, & the original gelcoat finish was stripped down to the bare fiberglass, then sealed & custom painted in a high quality chocolate & cream color, with a new 2 tone leather interior, custom real wood dash & door inserts, very pricey banjo steering wheel, & new custom period correct gauges, new chocolate convertible top,roll up windows, tinted glass, custom seat belts, new air conditioning unit under dash,wide white tires,on chrome rims with wire baskets, 4 Mercedes emblems in front & rear, small fin on trunk,like on original,twin trumpet horns,amber fog lights, 3 rear view mirrors, badge bar,real trunk,side supercharger pipes-for show only,flip up gas cap, automatic stainless shifter that looks like a manual shift. & engine was swapped in 2019 to a 2001 GMC 4.3 liter V6 fuel injected engine with dual exhaust, that is very peppy indeed. last owner spent a small fortune on the car & has driven it only around 1000 miles in 5 years. !! a lot of car for only $34,900.!! that's all $34,900.!! a lot of car for the bucks & its a one of a kind replica of a multi million dollar original, we can ship it to your door by enclosed insured truck carrier., and if you need fast financing, try 1st at www.jjbest.com
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