1936 Mercedes 500K Heritage Legacy replica, titled as a 1936 Mercedes replica. built in 1990. 350 Chevy V8, automatic, air conditioning, power brakes & steering, gray interior, black canvas top
This is a gorgeous Heritage, full size replica, of the 8 million dollar original. its also our all time best seller, with around 107 sold to date. its around 17 feet long & weight is 3750 pounds, & . built by Heritage Motors, in Miami, & is top of the line. has a huge custom frame & a sub frame & 4" thick suicide doors with metal inside, & has an assigned New Hampshire short Vin#, & titled as a 1936 Mercedes replica, so it might be exempt from emissions, etc, in most states, has a 5.7 liter Chevy 350 V8, & a 350 Chevy automatic, air conditioning, power brakes & steering, black canvas top, 3 rear view mirrors, gray interior with folding armrest & headrests, wood grain dash & steering wheel, roll up windows, & most metal is polished stainless steel, 2 piece metal hood & sides, 4 trumpet horns, center fog lamp, badge bar, dual side cowl lamps, large carpeted trunk, & lots of headroom inside the car, side supercharger pipes, & has a Mercedes hood ornament, rear mounted spare tire, & we will install 5 wide white gangster style radial tires, which will change the car, totally, & we will also install a new Euro style tag in front. these cars are getting very rare now, and would cost well over $100,000. to build today. cost over $60,000. new in 1990.  you really can't lose at this price. we can ship it to your door, by enclosed, insured truck carrier, & we also ship all over the world by enclosed ship containers. dont wait long, since these do sell faster than all our other cars, by far.
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