1935 Mercedes 500k replica- RARE HT Price model, made in the mid 1980's. most authentic of all the 500k replicas, & only a few dozen ever made. cost around $85,000. new. real wires, wide white tires, body side moldings, & its a rare 4 seater, with small back seat, tan leather, canvas top, etc.

This is the highest quality, & most authentic Mercedes 500k replicas, ever built. and its the rare 4 seater model, which we have only had one in 18 years. built around 1986, & has a big block Ford 460 V8 engine, & they cost around $85,000., 25 years ago, & would cost well over $125,000. to build one today. HT Price was in California, & sold his molds to Heritage, & Heritage made a less pricey version, but more user friendly. the biggest difference is the top of the windshield, that has only glass showing, like the 8 million dollar original. it also has the proper body side moldings, nicer door handles, nicer interior & dash, burgundy paint-not gelcoat, like the heritage, has real wire wheels, & wide white tires, and a black canvas top-not vinyl, nice tan leather interior, suicide doors, glass rear window, automatic transmission, air conditioning, power brakes & steering, & much more. we have installed a brand new AM/FM/CD player & a full new exhaust. It does have some wear & tear, after 25 years, but these cars usually bring from $40,000. to $50,000. for a used one- IF you can even find one. Back to Bob's Classics, Inc. or What's In Stock. Give us a call at 727-581-9406

The photo below is of an original 1937 Mercedes 540k Special Roadster, that sold at RM auction in 2007, for a record $8.2 million dollars, & does look a lot like our Mercedes, which is a wee bit less money.