1934 Mercedes 500K Special Roadster replica by HT Price of the Classic Factory in Ca. Only around 58 were ever built. Made in 1983 & titled as a 1983 MERC 351V8 Ford, automatic, air, PB & PS, 5 real wire rims & wide white tires. Very rare cars !!

We have only had a few of these rare cars, & we just bought back this one we sold awhile back. Itís a 1934 Mercedes 500K replica like the Heritage, but more authentic with only glass showing on top of windshield & no trunk - also like on the 10 Million + originals, 2 seats , black canvas top, new 351 Windsor engine installed a few years ago by Jasper 5.7 liter Ford, with automatic tranny, air conditioning, power brakes & steering, suicide doors, new exhaust with cats, 5 recent wire rims with wide white tires, CD Player, roll up windows, storage behind seats, burgundy leather seats, wood dash, wood steering wheel, 7 white faced gauges, twin trumpet horns, center Amber fog light , close to 17í long & 3200 pounds, silver paint - not gelcoat is nice , but not perfect, like the chrome, Mercedes emblems, removable head rests, badge bar,side supercharger pipes, titled as a 1983 MERC which is short for Mercedes in some states & short for Mercury in other states. These cars were around $85,000 new - 38 years ago & would probably cost around $225k to build one today. Title is in Bobs Classics Inc name, not reassigned. A real steal at only $39,900. !! Thatís all $39,900. !! A lot of car for the bucks . We can ship it to your door by enclosed truck transport. Return to Bob's Classics, Inc. or What's In Stock. Give us a call at 727-581-9406