the car is now in the paint shop, for fresh red/black paint job, as of Sept 29th 2008. it usually takes about a week.
1932 Ford Model A Phaeton replica-factory built Glassic, built in 1971, and titled as a 32 ford, International Scout 4 Cyl., 3 speed manual, 4 seats, dual side spares, white top & curtains-almost 38 years old-not a kit car

we have had many of the Glassic cars over the years, but this is the oldest one we have ever had, by far. built in 1971 by Glassic Motor Cars of West Palm Beach Florida and is titled as a 32 ford, who started building these beauties in 1966. only 404 were built from 1966 to 1971, & all were built on International Scout chassis, & International Scout 4 cylinder engines.starting in 1972, the Glassics all had the Ford 302 V8 engines, but still has plenty of pep to keep up with highway traffic at 65 mph, & gets great gas mileage also, tons of room inside & headroom, has a Jensen CD player & speakers, and has a 3 speed manual shifter on the floor, 4 seats of course, black interior, white fold down convertible top and white side curtains, 2 tone red with black fenders, side spare covers, rear luggage rack, wire caps, lift off hood, for easy engine access, & fiberglass body that will never rust. has dual side cowl lamps, & fully street legal. exempt from all emissions, since its titled as a 32 ford, & elligible for antique tags in most states, & very low taxes & duties, if shipped overseas. just a fun driver that turns a lot of heads.  return to Bob's Classics, Inc. or What's In Stock. Give us a call at 727-581-9406