1932 Ford Model A Phaeton replica, not a kit car, but factory built in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1973 using all brand new Ford parts. and titled as a 1973 Ford, built by Replicars Inc. who took over from Glassic. Has 4 seats, 302 Ford V8 with a C4 automatic tranny. all fiberglass body. a daily driver!!

1932 Ford Model A Phaeton replica, from Replicars Inc of West Palm Beach Florida, using all brand new Ford running gear, & came with full Ford factory warranty, built in 1973, so its now a 48 year old classic, & was driven around 1000 miles a year. Replicars Inc took over from Glassic Industries, & the early models were powered by a 4 cylinder engine with a 3 speed manual trans. this one has a 200HP Ford 302 V8, capable of a bit over 100 MPH, & now has a C4 automatic trans. Has wide white tires, dual side mounted spares, lift off hood for easy engine access, & $3000 + was just spent on a gorgeous black canvas top with glass rear window & chrome around the glass, new canvas side curtains, & all new rims, & also has a fold down luggage rack with a newly recovered antique trunk with leather straps. It has a quail hood ornament & chrome headlight caps. It has a cream body with black fenders, in gel coat finish like a boat, so its easy to maintain, black interior & even the top bows were powder coated, AAAOOOGAAH horn, badge bar, & flag holder for parades, a lot of car for only $24,900.!! that's all $24,900.!! a lot of car for the bucks. we can ship it to your door, by enclosed, insured truck carrier, & we also can ship to many overseas ports by enclosed ship container. We haven't had one of these cars in a very long time! Return to Bob's Classics, Inc. or What's In Stock. Give us a call at 727-581-9406