1930 Model A Ford pickup truck- a custom built ORIGINAL car, 2 seater with side spare, all real wire wheels, wood on running boards, roll up windows, wood bed & sides, with bench seats in bed & 2 lift up storage compartments, & a fold down tail gate, that closes with a huge heavy chain, has a nice sun visor, 4 cylinder & 3 speed

This is our 1st real 1930 Model A Ford pickup truck-all steel body, padded vinyl roof, has a very clean 4 cylinder engine, with 40 HP, a 3 speed manual transmission, tilt out front windshield-which is your air conditioner, nice black paint job, 5 cream painted spoke wheels, side mounted spare tire, It's 14' 3" long 5'6" wide & 5' 10" tall, 4 piece folding hood, AAoogaa horn, 2 piece bumpers, roll up windows, was most likely a converted normal sedan-into a cool pickup truck-many moons ago. has nice wood on the running boards, solid wood floors & sides in the bed, nice bench seats, 2 lift up wood storage compartments & a unique fold down tailgate that locks shut with a huge chain. it has spark advance, throttle control choke, with starter button on the floor, & can be also hand cranked, if the 6 volt battery goes dead. we dont usually carry any real original cars, but this was a local couple that owned the car with a 1931 sedan as well, we took them both on a trade, & thats why such a great price on both cars. 
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