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1929 Cord/Duesey replica.hand built in the Philippines in the early 80's on a 1969 GM donor car. 350 V8 with 350 auto tranny PB PS, all heavy steel body,no fiberglass,soft top & roll up windows,carved wood dash & consul .6- 16" Tru Spoke rims with wide white tires, dual side spares,& 16' long.awesome styling.

Here is a one of a kind hand built replica of a 1929 Cord/Duesey styled auto. made of only heavy steel with no fiberglass used at all. Built by Censio & Sons in the Philippines in the early 1980's and most were built on donor cars owned by military personnel stationed there. this one used a 1969 GM donor car, & is titled as a 1969 KIT, even though its not a kit. powered by a 350 V8 GM engine with a 350 automatic transmission, power brakes & steering, suicide doors,roll up glass windows,dual side mounted spare tires, with newer upgraded pricey 16" chrome wire wheels from Tru Spoke, carved wood dash & consul & a new stereo will be installed & car is 16 feet long & 6 foot 6" wide, convertible soft top, & 37,000 miles showing since it was built around 40 years ago.not 100% perfect, but still very nice for the age & turns heads big time wherever you go.. a lot of car for only $25,900. !! that's all $25,900. !! a lot of car for little bucks. we can ship it to your door by enclosed truck transport, & we also ship to almost anywhere in the world by enclosed ship containers. Return to Bob's Classics, Inc. or What's In Stock. Give us a call at 727-581-9406