37 Jag
1937 Jaguar SS100 -Automatic w/V6 engine !!

From Antique & collectibles,in Buffallo,NY.They are still in business,so all parts are still available.We have the builders assembly manual with the car. All mechanics are Ford, so its cheap & easy to maintain.One of only a few powered by the very peppy V6 Ford engine & automatic transmission. Pro built in 1984 & titled as a 1984 ASVE [assembled vehicle]. rear mounted spare, am/fm stereo w/cassette, huge 10" headlights w/stoneguards, like the original that cost around $300,000.+,wood dash, 4 new whitewall tires,new wire caps, dual exhaust w/new cats & mufflers, new alternator, wind deflectors & air horns,2 tone creamy tan w/rich chocolate fenders & darker tan interior, full tan top & curtains, gelcoated fiberglass body-will never rust & easy to keep clean,dual fog lamps,euro front tag, to be installed. All info above was supplied to us by the seller, so we are not responsible for errors made.  Return to Bob's Classics, Inc. or What's In Stock. Give us a call at 727-581-9406