2002 Lido 4 Seater Woody Golf Cart/Car Street Legal 25 MPH-CD Player, Etc.!!

Well- we have had tons of cool golf carts over the years, but none quite as neat as this one from Lido Motors. Cart was designed by Lee Iacocca & Western Golf Car, & these are 100% street legal on roads with posted speed limits of up to 35mph.With the 13" rims & tires, it will do up to 25mph, with only 48V batteries & it has 55 hours of use, and thats a large improvement over other similar street legal carts. This car/cart,looks similar to a PT Cruiser Woody & is very rare & has been featured in many upscale magazines, very rich Midnight Blue body color, that shows up the Woody sides-very well. loaded with cool goodies like a super am/fm stereo with CD player, locking front trunk, rear storage space for clubs,or groceries & recreation equipement, has safety glass windshield, wiper, side mirrors, 4 seats with seat belts, adjustable front seats, locking glove box, drink holders, grab handles, floor mats, light up licence plate holder, horn, 3rd brake light, hazard lights, turn signals, front & rear lights, DC motor with rear wheel drive, rack & pinion steering, hydraulic brakes, 6-8 hour recharge time, it has a beautiful full size auto wood steering wheel with tilt column, high & low beams, cooling interior fans, lighter, & an external charger and deep dish chrome rims, back up alarm, & lots more cool goodies & its titled like a regular car, with DMV. will have a clear Florida title. These are a real blast to drive, & turn heads everywhere you go.  Return to Bob's Classics, Inc. or What's In Stock. Give us a call at 727-581-9406

Stats below are for the Lido
The Lido is a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) - a street-legal, low speed personal vehicle designed for short commutes. It can travel up to 25 mph on city streets with a posted speed limit of 35 mph. The Lido complies with all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for Low Speed Vehicles, including:

  • 40 mile range, for more drive time around town
  • 6-8 hour recharge time- plug it in at night and its charged up by morning
  • Advanced DC motor with rear wheel drive for greater torque
  • Rack and pinion steering for better automotive handling
  • 13-inch wheels and tires for a comfortable ride
  • Hydraulic brakes, to ensure precise response
  • Automotive lighting (head, tail and brake lights) for increased visibility
  • 3-point anchored front seat restraints / reap lap belts for extra security
  • Automotive glass for safety and clarity
  • Dual rear view mirrors
  • Available in three styles:
  • 2-passenger, 4-passenger and Runabout Utility