March 1st 2000. Arriving in Cozumel, Mexico
our suite 2nd curved balcony from the left
Cozumel snorkeling
Cozumel beach time
at sea- colada time!! the boss and her helper Bob!
Cozumel aboard snorkel catamaran
beach time- Cozumel Mar 1/2000
beach hut- Cozumel
Cozumel sample of fish- snorkeling
Luxury hotel Cozumel Mar 1/2000
Our 580 sq. ft. luxury suite with balcony featuring the boss lady!
March 2/2000 Belize, Mexico Oasis in the middle of nowhere!
snorkeling on the Barrier Reef, Belize, Mexico
March 2/2000 Belize - yep you guessed it!! Floating porta potties- only the best!
March 2/2000 Belize Island for snorkeling
March 3/2000 Grand Cayman Catamaran ride
March 3/2000 Grand Cayman new resort
March 3/2000 Arriving at Stingray City sand bar Grand Cayman
March 3/2000 Stingray City Cayman Islands
50 stingrays to play with
not as tough as they look!
they are like big pussycats!
soft as silk underneath!
the boss Marcelle trying to be brave
March 4/2000 At sea on Balcony
March 5/2000 Looking down from 10th floor balcony
March 5/2000 Costa Rica - Canal tour
March 6/2000 Tortuguero Canals - Costa Rica
March 6/2000 Jesus Christ Lizard- walks on water!! can you find him?
our goumet supper for this evening
March 6/2000 cool trees Costa Rica
does kinda resemble someone we know-eh Bob
March 6/2000 lots of action in the canals
more birds
March 6/2000 Costa Rica Cormorants
would make a nice pair of cowboy boots
March 7/2000 Arriving Panama Canal
March 7/2000 Panama locks in distance
March 7/2000 Tug helping guide the ship
March 7/2000 Approaching 1st Lock
March 7/2000 Strange Train Guides you through
March 7/2000 Inside Lock #1  
March 7/2000 Gatun Lake Yacht club Panama
March 7/2000 Gatun Dam Chagres River Panama
March 7/2000 Chagres River Eco cruise
March 7/2000 Chagres River Panama
March 7/2000 Chagres River
March 7/2000 3 toed Sloth - Really!
march 7th 2000 Panama dancers
native Panama dancers woo woo!  oops-sorry boss lady
tarzan eat your heart out- Panama
March 7/2000 Evening - ready to return into locks
March 7/2000 One ship ahead of us
March 7/2000 Electric tow trains lined up
March 7/2000 1 hour later, out of the locks
March 7/2000 our 8 dining companions for the cruise assembled on our bed!! Where else?
March 8/2000 Such a great looking group- we needed 2 photos taken by Pablo - our private butler
March 8/2000 Sunrise from our balcony
March 10/2000 sunrise from balcony- arriving Key West
arriving in Key West
March 10/2000 Conch Train- city tour
March 10/2000 Hemmingway house Key West
March 10/2000 Farthest point south in USA
March 10/2000 Typical Key West Mansion
March 10/2000 Key West beach area
March 10/2000 cool wall mural
March 10/2000 Private island off Key West
March 10/2000 Toga night!! Ok- stop laughing now! Bob-trying to look happy !!!-NOT !!!
March 10/2000 Cleopatra- eat your heart out!
March 10/2000 Roman Toga Party night! boy am i glad I wasn't around in those days!
March 10/2000 The boss Marcelle and her mafia helper - Bob
March 10/2000 I will make you a deal you can't refuse
march 10th 2000- end of a great cruise
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