1998 Panoz AIV Roadster, factory built, & showing only 9400 miles in 18 years. lightweight aluminum body & 305 HP V8 32 valve SVT performance engine, 5 speed,Roush rims, air conditioning, CD player, tonneau cover, full top & side curtains, car cover & manual, Cobra/Lotus styling, power brakes & steering-wild ride & rare !!

This is only our 3rd Panoz AIV Roadster, in 20 years. These are very rare cars, with a Ferrari type of sound, with the 32 valve 4.6 liter V8 hand built by the guys at SVT Performance, dual exhaust, 5 speed, power brakes & steering, racing type leather wrapped steering wheel & pedals, & totally factory built by Panoz Auto Development in Georgia, all aluminum lightweight body with fiberglass fenders & 305+ horsepower. a real blast to drive, & handle like a race car. has air conditioning also, & a full tonneau cockpit cover, black convertible top & side curtains, AM/FM/stereo with CD player, Panoz floor mats & Panoz custom car cover, owners manual, full front & rear bumpers, & only 5 were made in 1998 with the cool Chameleon color that changes in different lights, has custom Roush mag wheels, & more. just a great fun car that has the styling of the Cobra & Lotus, but with more creature comforts. a real steal at only $41,900.firm !! that all $41,900. firm !! a lot of car for the bucks. we can ship it to your door, by enclosed,insured truck carrier, & we also ship almost anywhere in the world by enclosed ship containers. Return to Bob's Classics, Inc. or What's In Stock. Give us a call at 727-581-9406