1983 Zimmer Golden Spirit convertible !! the rarest of all Zimmers ever built. made on a brand new Ford Mustang & then converted into a convertible . very very pricey to do & so only 50 or so were ever built. Redd Foxx owned a red convertible Zimmer just like this one, & we actually had that car & sold it to Germany around 1995

1983 Zimmer Golden Spirit convertible!! 1 of only around 50 or so, that were converted from a coupe to a convertible. very expensive conversion, built on a brand new Mustang coupe. We have only ever had a few convertibles. Powered by a peppy 5.0 liter 302 Ford V8 with a C4 automatic tranny, power brakes, steering, windows, locks, seat backs, trunk etc. and most important & light tan convertible top with light tan top boot. Tan leather interior, with pricey Recaro seats, Nardi signature edition steering wheel, wood dash etc, rear seat, solid bronze-gold plated eagle hood ornament, fog lights, 2 piece solid stainless bumpers with shock dampers & bumper guards, 4 trumpet horns, dual side cowl lights, twin spot lights, stainless side supercharger pipes, teak wood on running boards & on trunk lid, stainless rear luggage rack, 4 real wire wheels with Zimmer center caps, air conditioning & heater, tilt steering wheel, AM/FM stereo, 18 feet long with 142" wheelbase!! In the best color combo ever made, in the bright red with lighter tan leather interior & top. We have only ever had one other ever in this color combo & it was owned by the famous comedian Redd Foxx, & we sold it to Germany around 1995. All mechanics are Ford Mustang, for easy maintenance. Prices on these convertibles will just keep going up every year. Would cost well over $200,000 to build one the same today. Titled as a 1983 ZMCC which is short for Zimmer Motor Cars Company, with a clean Florida title, in Bobs Classics Inc. name. A real steal at only $39,900.Firm!! that's all $39,900.Firm! A lot of car for the bucks.!! We can ship it to your door by enclosed, insured truck carrier, & we also ship almost anywhere in the world by enclosed ship containers, when the ships are running., & shippers are back in business. Many closed now. Return to Bob's Classics, Inc. or What's In Stock. Give us a call at 727-581-9406