1966 Ford GT40 replica, finished in 2007,  NAF body kit on 86 Pontiac Fiero, drivetrain is from a 1998 Ford Contour, 24 valve, 2.5liter V6 Duratec Fuel Injected, 200hp, mid engine, 5 speed tranny, air conditioning, power steering & windows,custom dash, Merlot burgundy paint, Compomotive rims, tilt up rear end,& tons more. This was a 5 year build, & featured in 2017 Reincarnation magazine. original GT40 is close to 6 million dollars now!!

Here is our very 1st 1966 Ford GT40 replica in 23 years!! this one was finished in 2007 & actually only driven to local car shows in South Florida. It has an NAF re-body out of Superior AZ, created by Jack Kube, who passed away several years ago. He made molds out of many original GT40 parts he came across. the chassis is from a 1986 Pontiac Fiero, & it took 5 years to complete the build, the drive train is from a 1998 Ford Contour with a 2.5 liter V6 fuel injected, 24 valve DOHC Duratec, with 200HP. 5 speed Ford tranny, air conditioning, power steering & windows, mid engine with full tilt up rear end, very unique set up, covered headlights, custom GT40 styled dash with Auto Meter Phantom II gauges, new Highfire coil, custom steering wheel, & foot pedals, paint is from a 2004 Ford T-Bird called Merlot Metallic, racing stripes, & Ford racing across windshield, beautiful 15" Compomotive rims from England, Firestone Indy tires, competition suspension, & much more. see spec sheet for more info. just too much too list. & had a 2 page color article on the car in Reincarnation magazine in 2017. original 1966 Ford GT40 is close to 6 million dollars now, & even the older Ford GT cars are now $350,000 & the 2017 is double that. Showing just under 1500 miles since built & only used to drive to local Florida car shows. Just a really fun & great looking car for little bucks. A real steal at only $39,900.!! thats all, $39,900.!! A lot of car for the bucks. We can ship it to your door by enclosed, insured truck carrier, & we also ship almost anywhere in the world by enclosed ship containers. Return to Bob's Classics, Inc. or What's In Stock. Give us a call at 727-581-9406