1955 Mercedes 300SLR replica from Thoroughbred Motor cars in Washington state. 1955 title !! very rare cars,with Ford V8,4 speed,power brakes & steering,real wire wheels,& Pirelli tires,red leather,Mercedes emblems & script,tonneau cover only,white pearl,plexi covered headlights,originals are priceless !!

Here is one of the rarest Mercedes replicas ever made,from Thoroughbred Motor Cars in Washington state. its a 1955 Mercedes 300SLR model,which is the racing version of the Mercedes 300SL Roadster model,getting close to a million dollars now, great looking car with a new Ford V8 engine with almost no miles,& a 4 speed manual transmission, power brakes & steering,real wire wheels with spinners, Pirelli tires, side pipes on one side only,for show only, black tonneau cover only- no top or side windows,same as a Cobra, chrome valve covers & air cleaner,racing mirror,racing seat belts,& racing styled Moto Lita wood steering wheel, never driven in rain, red leather seats, white pearl paint, pontoon headrests,fixed to the body, Mercedes emblems,& 300SLR script, front driving lights, 6 black faced classic styled gauges, Sony AM/FM cassette player,no dings and scratches,plexiglass covered headlights,side louvers,& hood scoop,and best of all,its titled as a 1955 Mercedes replica,so no emissions needed & eligible for antique & classic tags in many states.& has wipers & normal interior rear view mirror. this is only our 3rd one in 18 years.they are that rare !!! a lot of car for only $39,900.!! that's all $39,900.!! we can ship it to your door,by enclosed,insured, bonded truck carrier,& we also ship almost anywhere in the world by enclosed ship containers. Return to Bob's Classics, Inc. or What's In Stock. Give us a call at 727-581-9406