The above photo shows the cleaned up front.
Above shows the redyed spare tire cover.
above shows the new re-designed front seat back.
above shows the brand new side curtains we just made.
these last few photos above show the newly installed turn signals and the cleaned up front end.
and all of the above photos are brand new digitals.
1952 MGTD replica, from Classic Motor Carriages/Fiberfab, in Miami. built in 1988 & is a daily driver, 4 cyl. Chevy, Automatic, new interior, top, & carpets. rear spare, CD player-triple white-Florida car-1st titled in New York.

Here is another of our most popular 1952 MGTD cars, that can be driven as a daily driver, & was built in 1988, & titled as a 1988 Custom, & powered by an economical 4 cylinder Chevy engine, with an automatic transmission, rack & pinion steering, & very easy to drive, with a brand new white top, new white interior, new carpets, new am/fm/stereo with CD player, and we just had new white side curtains custom made for the car. solid wood dash with matching wood steering wheel, 6 classic styled white face gauges, rear mounted spare tire with cover, chrome rims with wire baskets, bumper uprights, side wind deflectors, badge bar, 4 badges, Euro styled front tag,twin fog lamps, front MG emblem with a Moto Meter hood ornament, 3 rear view mirrors, rear wheel drive, 14" radial tires, fiberglass body, that will never, ever rust.easy to maintain, with Chevy parts. will keep up with traffic, & turns heads & gets thumbs up everywhere. way too much fun.  Return to Bob's Classics, Inc. or What's In Stock. Give us a call at 727-581-9406