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1936 Mercedes 540K "Thoroughbred" replica-very authentic. built in 88, but titled as a 1936 Mercedes. 351V8 automatic, air conditioning, power brakes & steering, CD player, 6 real wire wheels, dual side spares, tan leather, rich 2 tone cream & butterscotch, new black top & new tires. around 16' long. originals are 6 million !!

1936 Mercedes 500K replica, from Thoroughbred Motors,which is the most authentic 540K replica made. very cool car, built around 1988, but has a super rare 1936 Mercedes title, which makes it exempt from all emissions etc., & eligible for antique tags in some states. easier to ship overseas also. its around 16 feet long, & is powered by a peppy 5.7 liter 351 Ford V8 engine, with a C4 automatic transmission, CD player, air conditioning, power brakes & steering, roll up glass side windows, suicide doors, 6 real wire wheels, dual side mounted spares with covers, 6 brand new tires, new black top, new carpets, new exhaust, new wood steering wheel, rebuilt steering, led lights, tan leather interior,wood grain dash, 6 classic styled white face gauges, twin trumpet horns, center fog lamp with badge bar, soft top fits behind the seats, & storage is also behind the seats, 5 rear view mirrors, Mercedes hood ornament, custom Euro styled front tag, very rich cream body with butterscotch sides, & nice chrome side body moldings, side supercharger pipes, & real side vents to keep engine cooler, 2 piece hood, these cars cost around $65,000. new in 1988, & would probably cost around $125,000. to build one today. an original 36 Mercedes is around 6-8 Million dollars now. all fiberglass body that will never rust & all Ford running gear, for easy maintenance. Return to Bob's Classics, Inc. or What's In Stock. Give us a call at 727-581-9406