1935 Jaguar SS100 replica [Duke] from Classic Roadsters in Fargo, ND.front engine 4 cyl Chevy engine, 4 speed manual tranny, lift off hood, leather seats, dual side spares,soft top & side curtains, wood dash and built in 1988 & titled as a 1988 titled as a 1988 ASMB for assembled. Originals are over $400,000.

Here is a very nice replica of the 1937 Jaguar SS100 from Classic Roadsters in Fargo North Dakota. model is called the Duke, & built in 1988 & titled as a 1988 titled as a 1988 ASMB for assembled, & powered by a 4 cylinder front engine Chevy with a 4 speed manual transmission, front disc brakes, side wind deflectors, black leather seats, with wood dash & 5 classic styled gauges, leaping Jaguar hood ornament,lift off hood for easier maintenance, front & rear bumpers with bumper uprights,twin trumpet horns, 6 wire hubcaps, whitewall tires,full black top & side curtains, coil spring rack & pinion suspension, white fiberglass body with black fenders, has a black top boot to cover top when down, & is showing very low miles. gets the thumbs up everywhere you go, & at car shows. a lot of car for only $19,900. !! that's all $19,900.!! a lot of car for the bucks.and has a 17 digit Vin #. we can ship it to your door by enclosed, insured truck carrier. Return to Bob's Classics, Inc. or What's In Stock. Give us a call at 727-581-9406