1934 Mercedes 500k "Heritage" replica. factory built in 1989, on a Dodge Dakota frame, & has a big V6, automatic, air, power brakes, steering, windows, locks, etc. rear spare, black interior & top-cost over $60,000. in 1989.

This is one of only a few turnkey, factory built cars, from Heritage Motor Cars. over 99% are in kit car package only. the only difference is that this one is a daily driver. its great on the highways or around town. its now 22 years old, & we have sold 108 of these to date. originals are over 8 million dollars. this car has a very large V6 Dodge Dakota engine & almost as fast as a V8 car, but gets better mileage. weight is well over 3000 pounds, so it rides & handles great. has an automatic transmission, power brakes, steering, windows, & locks, Dino wood steering wheel, rear mounted spare tire. large trunk, for golf clubs, fold down arm rest, grab straps, side cowl lamps, wood grain dash & door inserts, twin trumpet horns, center fog lamp, German styled Euro front tag, & most metal is polished stainless steel, 17 feet long, & cost over $60,000. in 1989, & would be close to $100,000. to build one today. top disappears under a flip up tonneau cover.  Bob's Classics, Inc. or What's In Stock. Give us a call at 727-581-9406

The photo below is of an original 1937 Mercedes 540k Special Roadster, that sold at RM auction in 2007, for a record $8.2 million dollars, & does look a lot like our Mercedes, which is a wee bit less money.