1934 Mercedes 500K Special Roadster replica from HT Price of the Classic Factory in California. The rarest & most authentic looking of all the 500K replicas ever built. Finished in 1983, a brand new Jasper 351 Ford Windsor 5.7 liter engine will be installed with full warranty for any buyer in the USA, automatic, air conditioning, power brakes & steering, 5 brand new $1500, real wire wheels bought in Feb 2018, silver with burgundy leather & black canvas top, rear spare, wide white tires, suicide doors, CD player, & only a 58 were ever built!!! $85k new in 1983. Originals are now over 15 million dollars. This is not the cheaper Heritage 500K

This is only our 4th 1934 Mercedes 500K replica from the famous HT Price of the Classic Factory in California, built from around 1982 till 1986, & they were very pricey at around $85,000. 35 years ago!! This one is a 1983 & titled as a 1983 MERC which is short for Mercedes in some states, & short for Mercury in other states. Powered by: a brand new $4000 Jasper 351 Ford Windsor 5.7 liter engine was just installed with full warranty for any buyer in the USA from Jasper with many other new parts, with a C4 automatic, power brakes & steering, Air conditioning with many new parts, new exhaust with cats, AM/FM/stereo with CD player & large speakers in padded boxes, real wood dash, wide white tires, 5 brand new $1500. Real wire wheels with spinners, bought in Feb 2018. Black canvas top, silver paint -not gel coat,with burgundy leather seats with removable headrests, 7 white face classic styled gauges, wood steering wheel, larger suicide doors, custom front dash, side supercharger pipes, 2 piece hood, twin trumpet horns, center amber fog lamp, roll up tinted windows with chrome trim, no header bar over windshield like on the 15 million dollar originals, 2 seats, not a bench seat, like originals, no trunk, like originals, & top fits under a flip up tonneau cover. Storage is behind the seats, close to 17 feet long & 3200 pounds, custom front tag, & many more authentic looking goodies, that are not on the cheaper models like the Heritage, including turn signals etc. Only 58 were ever made & very sought after. Paint & chrome is good, but not perfect. New chrome air cleaner, chrome valve covers, Vin # is NM91106 a super rare car, at a real steal of a price at $39,900. firm! that's all $39,900. firm. A lot of car for the bucks & wont last long. We can ship it to your door by enclosed, insured truck carrier, & we also ship almost anywhere in the world by enclosed ship containers. To build one now would probably cost $175,000.+ and being 35 years old, it is eligible for antique or classic tags in many states. Has many new parts changed or being changed now. Return to Bob's Classics, Inc. or What's In Stock. Give us a call at 727-581-9406