1929 Mercedes SSK Gazelle replica, FACTORY built which is very very rare indeed. built in 1984 by Classic Motor Carriages in Miami. titled as a 1984 Gazelle, & all the factory cars have air conditioning, 2 piece chrome bumpers, & tilt all leather seats with headrests. showing 17,000 miles, automatic & all came with new front engine 4 cylinder engines, rear jump seat & rear spare tire, & a tilt wood wheel with wood dash. has a full top, side curtains, padded top boot & a zippered tonneau cover. gel coat finish is kinda faded.

Here is a rather rare 1929 Mercedes SSK Gazelle replica, not like the average at all. its one of a few factory built turnkey cars,that had brand new 4 cylinder Chevy engines, air conditioning, tilt leather seats with head rests, & tilt Dino wood steering wheel, 2 tone chocolate fenders with cream body, rear mounted spare tire with luggage rack & small trunk, leather rear jump seat with seat belts in front & rear, side supercharger pipes, fog lamps, badge bar with badges, whitewall tires, & chrome rims with wire baskets, stereo, pin stripes, wood dash, automatic transmission, rack & pinion steering, and more. Chrome is pretty rough. showing 17,000 miles. still a lot of car for only $14,900.!! that's all $14,900. a lot of fun for little bucks. again this was not a kit car-but factory built!! we can ship it to your door by enclosed, insured truck carrier, & we ship overseas also by enclosed ship containers. Return to Bob's Classics, Inc. or What's In Stock. Give us a call at 727-581-9406